Save Money Shopping…Without Having to Coupon

In the spirit of the holidays (and spending lots of money), I thought it would be a good time to bring up my version of couponing…without having to actually “coupon“.

As many of my closest friends and family know, I love to save money. I am thrifty and I absolutely hate wasting in general. (Yes, I will always take a doggy bag from a restaurant if there are leftovers, even when it’s family style. #noshame) What a lot of people don’t understand is that there are super easy and convenient ways to be smart about spending and saving money without turning it into an obsessive hobby.

Read on for some ways that I have been able to shave dollars off purchases without having to try very hard.


Making it rain in savings!

Makin’ it rain with savings! Photo by Chelsea Wilson


  1. Plan major shopping trips around National Holidays. Holidays = DISCOUNTS!

    • Think holidays like Black Friday, Labor Day, Pre-Christmas Sales, etc.  Then, consider any big purchases you plan to make for your home, or any gifting events such as weddings, baby showers, or birthdays that you have coming up. Connecting those occasions with holidays will save you TONS  of money in the long run if you plan your purchase days accordingly.
      How to Save Money During the Holidays

      Photo courtesy of Kiplinger

      • Tip: Shopping one day after a holiday will also save you money on items that are specifically themed for that day. Buy Christmas lights and wrapping paper the day after Christmas. Get Easter egg decorating kits the day after Easter. You get the point.

  2. Take advantage of website coupon codes.

    • Pay attention when surfing any shopping website. Oftentimes, there will be a pop-up box offering first-time shoppers a deal on the first purchase. I ALWAYS sign up for these codes even if I don’t know that I want to purchase something from the site. Yes, this can lead to email spam (which is annoying), but it can also lead to huge deals on items that don’t typically go on sale. If you don’t immediately see a popup on your first visit, sign up for their email list. I’ve received many a discount code via email simply for signing up for the email group in the first place.
      • Tip:  If there is a code on the website, such as ‘BEDDING’ at Pottery Barn, remember to enter the code at checkout or you won’t get the discount. Just because you are buying bedding doesn’t mean you get the discount code. I’ve made this mistake multiple times.

        PotteryBarn Discount Code

        Don’t forget to enter discount codes at time of checkout for online purchases.

      • ANOTHER Tip: If a site tells you they will be emailing you a code rather than giving it to you right away, WAIT for the email. It can take up to 48 hours to hit your inbox. (20% off that dinner table you’ve been wanting is worth the wait!)


  3. Google “Coupon codes for…” before going on your shopping trip.

    • 5 out of 10 times I’ll find a deal online for a purchase or service I’m hunting for by doing this. Places like Jiffy Lube even have a coupon section on their website. Sites like LivingSocial and Groupon offer great discounts in your locale for the everyday shopper. My previous purchases from Groupon include a $10 Starbucks gift card for only $5 (saved $5!), and a $200 hairdryer for only $70 (saved $130!). These were purchases I was planning to make anyway and the coupons on Groupon just sweetened the deal.
      Coupon Codes for Shopping

      An example of my personal search for coupon codes.

  4. Just ASK the cashier for an additional discount!

    • My mother once told me, “You’ll never know if you don’t ask”. I apply this to many aspects of life, especially when trying to get free stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at the checkout counter and realized I left my discount code or coupon at home. More often than not, when I ask if there are any “in store” discounts that day, the cashier shrugs and simply scans a coupon code at the register to get me the current running discount. Stores that are usually pretty generous with their coupon policies are Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Michael’s.
      BedBathBeyond Coupon

      Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons never expire! Sign up for their mailing list and start receiving them in the mail.

      • Tip: The “Just Ask” method also works for other things, like sign-up fees. Just ask for them to be waived! I did this with my gym membership sign-up fee at Equinox and it worked (after speaking with a manager). “Just asking” lowered my gym bill that year by $150!
  5. (If you like workout classes…) Join an exercise pass PROGRAM rather than paying for one-off workout classes.

    • As I mentioned on this post, I am signed up for Classpass which I pay for on a monthly basis at $115.00/10 classes. I did the math with one of my favorite studios, CycleHouse, and if I signed up for just 3 of their normal classes in one month ($29.00/class), I would pay about $90.00. Wait a minute…that’s basically what I pay for 10 classes on Classpass!! For $15 more, I get access to 3 CycleHouse classes as well as 7 other classes in the LA area.


So, there you have it! Easy, right? By deploying the above money-saving tactics in everyday life, I’ve been lucky enough to save a good amount of money. If you have any suggestions for how you personally save on your shopping for goods and services, let me know! I’ll always lend an ear to someone who can offer a money saving tip or two!

Until next time, savers!



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