At breakfast, I am already obsessing over lunch and dinner plans. At dinner, I’m upset because it’s the last meal of the day. I’ll be starving by morning! While I don’t think my food obsession… View Post

In the spirit of the holidays (and spending lots of money), I thought it would be a good time to bring up my version of couponing…without having to actually “coupon“. As many of my closest… View Post

Having the right cooking tools for meal prepping is a GAME CHANGER! I am able to meal prep 12+ meals in 2-3 hours because of the awesome tools I’ve gathered over the years. Think about… View Post

After 10 years of being on the 5:00am workout wagon, the shrill “BEEEEEEEEP!” of my alarm is no more charming than it ever was. There are so many reasons to stay in bed, and I… View Post

MEAL PREP. The words are daunting. I see lines of colorful and perfectly packed little containers. I see long hours of cooking and exhaustion. People who meal prep must be crazy, right? WRONG! I’m here to… View Post